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Carry Freedom Y frame

"Simple, tough, adaptable"  A tough plywood load bed, bolted onto a durable Aluminium frame, finished with quality components. Wheels & handle release in seconds for flat storage.
Small: 70kg Capacity, 6kg weight 16" wheels £600
Large: 90kg Capacity, 7kg weight 20" wheels £660
X large 90Kg Capacity 10.5kg weight 2-" wheels £760
 The true Strength of the Y-Frame bicycle trailer is flexibility. Strap a load straight onto the load bed, or fit a bag or box to suit your purpose. 100's of commercially available bags and boxes will bolt or strap onto the trailer, for example:

Ortlieb's waterproof rackpack bag, 48/96 litre capacity
Fold-flat plastic box with lid 96litre capacity.
Lockable durable aluminium chest, 58-288litre capacity
Indestructible Explorer diving cases
Rimowa and Samsonite suitcases