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Busch Muller Dynotec 6



Available in:
  • Left Hand
  • Right Hand
    The Dymotec 6 is a very efficient quiet tyre driven dynamo with approximately 40% efficiency. It can run forwards or backwards. The position to the tyre as well as the contact pressure can be aligned perfectly with two easy adjustments. With an easy touch trigger: a quick press of the finger surfices and the dynamo pivots toward the tyre. Supplied with a reliable proven rubber coated roller which is easy to replace. A special separate roller with high alloyed steel brushes is available for temporary use under extreme conditions. During rain, slush, snow or ice it works with optimised contact pressure and maximal traction and when positioned correctly is gentle to the tyre and is self cleaning
Key Features
  • Easy touch release - light touch button engages dynamo
  • Pressure adjustment - optimizes tyre contact pressure
  • If twin wired with lights no earth from the frame is required
  • Supplied with twin wire
  • Two plug connections are provided and are easily accessible
  • Various brackets available for use with the dynamo
  • 6V 3W
  • Wire roller
  • Replacement rubber roller