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Busch Muller Toplight Flat S Line Plus



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  • Toplight Flat S Line Plus
Description Incorporating all of the design features of the Toplight Flat plus the new LineTec technology this new light is easy to fit and compact in styling whilst providing excellent light output and visibility for road users behind the rider. These lights are approved by German road traffic regulations

Designed with two high power LEDs housed inside the 90mm LineTec light strip. The strip is made from transparent glass which shines red when operating. The light is super bright with 320° visibility. The standlight which is powered by a capacitor and without the need for batteries deactivates automatically after approximately four minutes (parking function) or manually. It has an integrated Z reflector. 

Designed and built in Germany the Toplight Flat Plus is very flat - 20mm width. It fits into many spaces that previous lights would not! It has good all round visibility and is very light weight. Vario fitting to suit either 50 or 80mm racks
Key Features LineTec® - Light strip for more safety

LineTec is a light technology featuring a special lens system designed by B&M. The punctual light of one high power LED is spread up to become a wide strip of light which shines homogenously. Why is that important? In the past, as another road user approached a bicycle at night from behind all that could be seen was a single point of light emitting from the rear light. This meant that the distance to the rider could only be estimated inadequately. B&M wanted to address the need to accurately estimate this distance by providing a capacity for the human eye to register the spatial relationship to the rider, especially in the dark. Hence LineTec was created. A rear light sending out a LineTec light strip emits 'spatial light' allowing other road users to estimate the distance to the rider much better and more quickly.
Specifications Patented lighting technology - Made in Germany
Flat casing (approx. 94 x 45 x 16.5 mm)
320° visibility 
Clear glass shines red when in use
With plug contacts (central) for power and mass connection
Very light weight approximately 53g
Fits 50 mm mounts
Two high powered LEDs
Standlight can be deactivated manually